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Pierre Lamblin, artist from Cannes, born in 1973, has forged an exceptional artistic career which has already won over international collectors. His early passion for the Impressionists and the influences of Pablo Picasso led him to develop his own artistic language. The proximity to the famous sculptor César and his own exploration of sculpture through the choice of materials and the play of colors add a unique dimension to his work. The world of Pierre Lamblin is further enriched thanks to his meetings with friends of César, of 2 new professions which will inspire Pierre Lamblin later in his work: art blacksmith and scrap metal worker. He then began to explore sculpture and encapsulated many everyday objects in tinted plaster. Today, Pierre Lamblin is a Great Artist who mixes creativity, craftsmanship, modern materials and digital technology to offer a visually stunning artistic experience. His art is distinguished by its technicality and precision, which are the result of titanic work and his engineering training. He continually experiments with a variety of materials, including resin, aluminum and steel, to create exceptional three-dimensional works. Pierre Lamblin's artistic footprint extends well beyond French borders, with exhibitions in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Slovakia and Singapore. His unique, captivating and dimensional designs have found their way into collections around the world for over a decade. Art transcends cultures and borders, and Pierre Lamblin is living proof of this artistic universality. His art plays a key role in art therapy to translate the emotional and behavioral difficulties we may face, and help us overcome them and move forward. An aesthetic pleasure to consume without moderation.


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