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Pascal Guibert

Pascal Guibert, also known under the pseudonym "LILLY", is an artist born in 1970 in Aix-en-Provence, France. His artistic journey is marked by a dazzling transformation, a radical change which led him from advertising to a flourishing career in the world of painting. An art school graduate and former student of Fine Arts, Pascal began his career in the field of advertising, where he worked for almost two decades. However, his passion for painting eventually took over his work in advertising, pushing him to follow an artistic path. His thirst for knowledge led him to become a student at the Academy of Art in New York City, then at the Art Students League, also in NYC. He sought to master various artistic techniques, ranging from drawing to classical painting, including screen printing and cyanotype. During this period, he traveled extensively between New York City and the South of France, absorbing the influence of these two distinct artistic worlds. In 2013, Pascal established his own studio in Brooklyn, New York, where he collaborated with several renowned American art galleries, including ROX, KRANE Gallery and ARTEMISIA. He also participated in Brooklyn's OFF art show, Bushwick Open Studio, alongside other emerging artists from around the world. His artistic reputation continued to grow, and in 2015, after a month-long residency at "The Laundromat" art center in Florida, run by American artist David Mc Cauley, Pascal Guibert, aka LILLY, signed with the LULU Laboratorium gallery in Miami's renowned Wynwood neighborhood, known for its vibrant art scene. One of the distinctive characteristics of LILLY's work lies in her way of questioning the iconic images that surround us, whether it is the Mona Lisa, Botticelli's Venus, religious figures from the Renaissance, or even celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe. These images, which have become omnipresent in our modern society, have lost their original and sacred meaning. LILLY redefines them with a bold palette of vibrant colors and expressive linework, breathing new life and perspective into them. Botticelli's Venus thus becomes a modern woman in dazzling colors, while the Madonnas are no longer holy figures, but simple images in vibrant hues, in the same way as Marilyn Monroe or Madonna. Through her art, LILLY invites us to look at these familiar images with a fresh perspective, free from preconceived judgment, in order to give them renewed strength and meaning. His artistic work illustrates the power of reinterpretation and creativity to give new impetus to images that have marked our visual culture.


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