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Temporary art rental

Add art to your professional or personal environment

and transform it into an inspiring and creative place.

Have you ever considered renting a work of art?

We offer event rental of works of art for 1 week and for a period of 1 to 12 months.

Also take advantage of the opportunity to purchase works of art at a reduced price equivalent to the rental fees already paid.


Why rent a work of art?

Brand image : Create a strong and differentiating visual identity.

Professional atmosphere:Inspire your employees and impress your customers.

Flexibility: Choose from a wide selection of works and renew them regularly.

Fiscal advantages : Benefit from tax reductions and tax optimization.

Budgetary aspect: Save on acquisition costs

Flexibility: Choose from a wide selection of works and change them as you wish.


Accessibility: Enjoy contemporary art without budget constraints.


Personalization: Create a differentiating artistic atmosphere.


Expertise: Benefit from personalized advice from our passionate team.

Image de Laura Cleffmann

Beautify your interior without buying by renting works of art.

Crush on a piece of art? Buy it before the rental ends and enjoy art at home like never before!

Our prices for renting works of art

Prices do not include delivery costs.

rental rates 2023.png

How to rent the artwork: 


Send your request fromonline form which is located below the page of the chosen product 


Send your request by email or telephone, indicating the elements mentioned in the section lthe necessary information



Receive from us the summary of the final order, the contract, the procedures to follow.


After having regularized all the formalities, we grant you payment.


We process your order after receiving your payment.

We will send you the tracking of your shipment.

You can now wait for the artwork to be delivered and enjoy the artistic beauty it will bring to your environment.

Peinture abstraite

Crédit-bail de 13 à 60 mois


(location avec option d’achat) 

une solution de financement sur mesure pour les entreprises et professions libérales

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle emotions”

Agnes Martin

Image de Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Give a new dimension to your business by integrating contemporary art!

Impress your customers and visitors with a touch of prestige and refinement.


Bring your space to life and let contemporary art come to your home!

Contact us now to find out more about our contemporary art rental service.

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