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Why invite art
in your company ?

Our tips for how contemporary art contributes to the success of your business.

papier noircie


A managerial tool that will allow you to identify the benefits of art in your organization and to develop a profitable internal and external communication project

Art advice


Tips for communicating through art


Proposal for creating the artistic collection that reflects the company's strategy

Элегантный абстрактный фон



Explore the possibilities available to you, whether you are a professional, an institution or an individual.

Contribute to the diversification of your assets and benefit from tax advantages 

Женский бюст


Choose works of art from our collection or order bespoke contemporary works of art.


Try our works in your spaces:


  • Send us images of your premises with the dimensions of the walls where you want to place the works you have selected.

  • We will provide you with detailed sketches, integrating the pieces into your spaces, so you can visualize the final result.


Discover the reasons why integrating art into your business can be beneficial:

CAREL Acceuil.png
Attractiveness of spaces
  • Obtain a strong, dynamic and differentiating image.

  • Reinvent, rethink established paradigms, reaffirm values, be surprising and admirable.

  • Personalize indoor and outdoor spaces

Internal communication
  • Make your employer brand attractive, promote beneficial dialogue with teams

  • Embody your values and the “CSR” policy;

  • Strengthen the personal commitment of your employees; while promoting customer satisfaction

  • Improve the quality of life at work, increase productivity

Parscha Mirghawameddin (WERK) - _Graff N°934_.jpg
External communication
  • Gain visibility with customers and partners;

  • Ensure, promote and retain customers

  • Develop partnerships

"Art is not what you see,but what you make others see"

Edgar Degas

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