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Rent the work of art at Arts-Discovery:

For a 1-3 day event from €50;

 For a short period 4, 6, 9, 12 months  from 42€ per month

Irresistible offer - if you do not want to part with the rented room, you have the possibility to buy it by reducing the sale price of the rental fees you paid  

The price list for the rental of works of art

At the end of the rental period, you have the option to purchase the work with the reduction of the fees paid for the rental.


Prices do not include delivery costs.

  4 months            6 months             9 months              12 months  

Works less than or equal to €999

Works between €1000 and €2999

Works between €3,000 and €4,799

Works from €4,800

  €50 / €200

€100 / €400

€150 / €600

€200 / €800

  €47.5 /  €285

     €95 /  €570

€142.5 /  €855

  €190 / €1140

     €45 /  €405

     €90 /  €810

  €135 / €1215

  180 € /  €1620

      €42 /  €504

    €85 /  €1020

  €127.5 / €1530

     €170 /  €2040

How to rent the artwork: 


  • Find out about rental rates and terms;

  • Send requeste from the online form


  • Send the requeste by email or by telephone with the information:



  • Receive from us the summary of the final order, the contract, the procedures to follow.

  • After having regularized all the formalities, we grant you payment.


  • We process your order after receiving your payment.

  • We will send you the tracking of your shipment.

  • You can now wait for the artwork to be delivered and enjoy the artistic beauty it will bring to your environment.


Why rent a work of art?

Renting a work of art can have several advantages:

Financial aspect

Renting a work of art allows you to have a beautiful space in your home or business without having to invest in the acquisition.

On the other hand, if you do not want to part with the piece you are renting, we offer you the option of purchasing it two months before the expiration date of the rental period for the work of art. 

Differential aspect

Art rental can be a practical option for those who like to change their interior design regularly.

With us you can rent different works at different times to give an artistic touch, aesthetics and style to your environment.


Business aspect

Art rental can be an attractive option for companies wishing to strengthen their brand image.

Exhibiting artwork in a professional environment can give an impression of prestige and refinement, while providing a talking point for customers and visitors.

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