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Angelique CRUZ

Angélique Cruz, a painter from Salon de Provence, takes us into an artistic universe vibrant with colors, organic shapes and captivating emotions. His artistic and eclectic talent is expressed through a variety of different techniques, including watercolor, ink, resin and even collage. From a young age, Angélique was drawn to the arts, and over the years she developed her skills to create truly unique works of art. Angélique's artistic inspiration comes from nature, the surrounding light of her region, but in particular the sea, an element she deeply cherishes, as well as human emotions. She manages to capture the nuances of the oceans and seas she explores on her travels, which is clearly reflected in all her watercolors and drippings creations. His watercolor works bear the evocative name “Abyss,” in homage to his fascination with the sea. His creations are a bold reinterpretation of these elements, imbued with his personal artistic vision. His works have been exhibited in France and have also conquered art galleries abroad, becoming highly sought-after pieces by contemporary art lovers. Angélique's diverse style, ranging from abstract to minimalism to pop art, is a testament to her artistic versatility. She explores new techniques with insatiable curiosity, constantly pushing the limits of her creativity. Her workshop, located in the south of France, is the place where she brings her ideas to life, often during her sleepless nights, lulled by the punk-rock and electro that inspire her. In his creations, we can distinguish fragments of the universe of Tim Burton, the visual dynamics of Jean-Paul Goude, as well as childhood memories. It is a fusion of urban and poetic inspirations, where drawings, painting, collage and spray paint on an aluminum support blend harmoniously. Angélique considers her works as fragments of her soul, expressions of her inner being. Angélique Cruz's art is a celebration of life, music and creativity. His paintings vibrate to the rhythm of his emotions, inviting each viewer to create their own universe within his works. Her artistic journey led her to galleries and art fairs, thus confirming her status as an original contemporary artist. If you are looking to explore an artistic world that brilliantly combines the diversity of mediums and emotions, Angélique Cruz is the artist who will captivate you. She invites you into her artistic universe, to discover her creative palette and to share the pure emotion of contemporary art. A unique artistic experience awaits you, where each work is an invitation to an unforgettable sensory journey.


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