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ADELINE WEBER GUIBAL, Bronze & Crystal sculptor artist (LABEL ATELIERS D’ART DE France, GOLD MEDAL at the Salon l’HIVERNAL in LYON). Adeline Weber Guibal, with a doctorate in law, has found her way in the world of bronze sculpture for more than 20 years. She has become a renowned visual artist for these exceptional pieces with contemporary and poetic lines. His works illustrate varied subjects, inspired by nature, current events and his dreamlike vision of the world. Her works transmit a powerful freedom of movement and lightness on a raw and immutable material like bronze, which she considers to be a wonderful means of transcribing her own singular perception of reality. Each of his sculptures illustrates both a movement of balance and fragility whose notes stand out with hypersensitivity. His work translates subtle emotions carried by the astonishing contrasts of the light of his bronzes. Adeline Weber Guibal also uses art crystal as a complementary material to bronze. It combines this very popular material to combine effects of light and transparency. Art crystal brings a touch of fragility, elegance, originality and quality to create unique, luxurious and sublime objects. Adeline Weber Guibal has exhibited her works in several national and international galleries and contemporary art fairs. Based near Aix-en-Provence and in love with her region, she is particularly present there. She has participated in collective projects such as the Festival International d’Art Singulier. His latest sculptures have been presented in Paris, Lyon, Switzerland and Belgium.


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