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Je m'appelle Marina NOVIKOVA

Je suis animée à la fois par la passion de l'art, de la création et du monde des affaires. Mon parcours a débuté dans le domaine du théâtre, exploré la linguistique, pour finalement s'ancrer dans l'univers palpitant du management et du développement de projets artistiques. Avec plus de vingt ans d'expérience, j'ai tracé mon chemin à travers des domaines aussi divers que le show-business, le tourisme et l'industrie cinématographique. Ma reussite s'est traduite tant sur le plan humain que financier, elle découle de ma capacité à guider des équipes, à donner vie à des projets ambitieux et à partager mes connaissances avec une passion inébranlable. J'ai eu le privilège de participer à des foires et salons internationaux, d'être aux commandes de projets mémorables lors de lancements de nouveaux produits et services, mariant habilement créativité et stratégie. Aujourd'hui, je me lance dans un projet magnifique, un mariage entre l'art contemporain et le design. Entourée d'une équipe d'explorateurs bénévoles, chacun animé par la passion de l'art et des technologies numériques, nous sommes de véritables experts du marché de l'art, du design, de l'audiovisuel et des finances. Ensemble, nous écrivons de nouvelles pages, questionnant notre relation profonde avec l'art. Notre histoire est une ode à la créativité, à l'innovation et à la redéfinition constante de la beauté.

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With a team of volunteer explorers, passionate about art and digital technologies, we have decided to write new pages with you that will question us about our relationship to art. We thus project within ourselves and help us build new relationships with ourselves and others.


We have been passionate art collectors for over 35 years. Art in the current sense, fine art, has always fascinated us by its capacity to express the deepest emotions of the human soul, while reflecting the social and cultural concerns of an era or to imagine a perception.


In 2023, we have decided to share our passion with you, on the contemporary period of our history, where our minds are still in touch with our environment, where time has not yet erased our distant memories. 


We plan to embark on a new adventure by organizing exhibitions, conferences, private visits, exchanges or sales of our contemporary works. 


We also wish to revisit another relationship with art with which you will be an actor or co-producer of works, with some of the most promising artists, to help you build new keys to understanding our relationship to life.


Everything has to be built, we look forward to seeing you explore and build together a future that carries meaning and values.

Image by Steve Johnson

"We travel for a change,

not of place, but of ideas"

Quote which alone describes the philosophy of our project. Arts-Discovery invites you on a journey into the world of contemporary art.

We are convinced that Art has immense power where verbal language is powerless: to express emotions, transmit meanings, open minds, inspire, motivate and push to action. 

We are

Our team is a dynamic alliance of professionals and enthusiasts, true experts in the art, design and audiovisual market. At the same time, “Arts-Discovery” brings together specialists in innovation, digital and sustainable development, as well as experts from higher education, the fashion industry and finance. This unique combination of skills allows us to bring a bold and forward-thinking vision.


With our team, you benefit from a creative and strategic partnership, where each member brings cutting-edge expertise in their field.


We are inspired by the desire to share our skills in different fields, artistic discoveries and creativity.

Our concept is far from being defined as a traditional contemporary art gallery. Apart from all the benefits thereof, we offer unique products and services with a personalized approach.

To Who and What

Arts-Discovery offers professionals and individuals an innovative and personalized tool to express themselves and share their ideas with the environment, carry out their projects, create their identity and bring a touch of novelty and art to their projects, by combining the spiritual concept and heritage value.

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Raise awareness of art, train and support to enable you to become an enlightened collector. We share our knowledge with you and provide you with our network to help you navigate the complex world of the contemporary art market.

Contemporary art for businessrise

Integrate art into businesses by offering them a unique conceptt personalized to improve their visibility, strengthen their brand image, increase their customer base, motivate and build loyaltytheir employees.

Art contemporain pour particulier.

Accompagner les acheteurs privés de A à Z dans l'acquisition d'œuvres d'art contemporaine et de conception originales. Nous tenons compte de vos motivations et intérêts particuliers tels que la sensibilité artistique, le coup de cœur, le besoin d'exclusivité et de différenciation de votre espace de vie. Ainsi que votre aspiration à un bon investissement financier, par l'achat d'une œuvre d'art d'un artiste contemporain avec un potentiel ou déjà reconnu à l'échelle internationale.

Arts Discovery has three missions at heart:

Faded Poncer

Master Artists & Artists in the spotlight Emerging artists and young talents

Unique works & limited edition

Innovative approach to


Art Fair, Biennials, evenings

Image by George Pagan III

Where and when ?

  • Online platform. You are currently browsing the online platform that we are testing. This beta (simplified) version allows us to test our offer, improve it and collect feedback from our customers and partners. Our main website, which will offer more advanced features (delivery modules, rental and LOA simulators, automated payment, high technologies, etc.), will be launched in fall 2023.

  • Showroom is open in the center of Aix-en-Provence in the premises of our partner company(visits by appointment only)

  •  Temporary exhibitions held in private and public spaces and those of our professional partners.

How ?

Through event and educational activities:

  • Hybrid training combining online teaching and face-to-face seminars (“blend learning”). The training is offered to future collectors and to those who want to understand art and the functioning of the contemporary art market.​

  • Art fairs (presentation of a selected artist), openings, workshop visits and master classes

  • Art fairs, Biennials (Carrefour des arts), Thematic evenings

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