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Why become a collector?

What reasons can encourage you to invest in contemporary art?

Passion for art

  • Altruistic commitment, an issue of social and economic distinction

  • Passion for cultural capital

  • Eclectic admiration for aesthetics and intrinsic beauty

  • Connection with your own identity, your thoughts, your emotions 

  • Willingness to contribute to cultural development

  • Desire to promote works, an identity or support an artist

  • Want to participate in the vitality of contemporary creation

  • Exaltation in the discernment of an artist with great potential

  • Arbitrary motivation, but not only

  • Improved placement with well-known artists

  • Judicious and profitable capital growth

  • Profitable tax system

  • Acquisition practically without own funds

  • Great tool for transmitting heritage to descendants


  • Powerful media for disseminating ideas, emotions and experiences

  • Deep and universal expression, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers

  • Mirror effect of the world that surrounds us and shapes us

  • Invitation to support new forms of expression and creativity

How these motifs can combine and how to achieve your goals as an art collectoremporain?

Find tips for choosing the works you like, which may have sentimental value for your family. 

Invest in artists who match your financial goals and discover the value of artwork.

Negotiate prices and discover artists and works that we source for you.

Use our networks and website to sell your works of contemporary art

Investing in art

Expert Tips for Success

Join our enthusiasts club
of Art and Business and enjoy
our training in contemporary art

Contact us for more information

Notre formation pour devenir collectionneur 

  • Offer open to all ages, professions and levels of training.

  • To benefit from this training, you do not need to travel or spend a lot of time.

  • Fundamentals of art explained in simple, understandable language


  • Tips for choosing the works you like and understanding their value

  • Understand theart and distinguish its currents

  • Why is art necessary and what gives impetus to self-development.

What is our collector training
can you bring?

Carel Bárzaga - Sin fronteras.jpeg
  • Benefit from incredible freedom of expression

  • Take advantage of the exhibitions as well as contemporary trends to nourish your personal and professional development

  • Open yourself to new cultures and acquire enriching expertise

  • Make a profitable financial investment


  • Benefit from sensible tax advantages

  • Diversify your economic activities

  • Develop a professional network to boost your main business

2 room.jpg
9 king_edited.jpg
  • Benefit froma system for reselling your works of art on a ssecond market

  • Renew your collectionrental

  • Be rewarded by becoming a prescriber

  • Paparticipate in the promotion of contemporary art

  • Benefit from a network of companies that share your values

  • Participate in the promotion of contemporary art

  • Take advantage of our communication technologies

Home_office_interior_with_large_desk (2).jpg
  • Access our network of artists

  • Partner with an artistic label

"In all the arts, the pleasure increases with the knowledge we have of them"

Ernest Hemingway

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